Berkeley Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple is affiliated with the Higashi Honganji temple in Kyoto, Japan, which is also called Shinshu Hombyo and is headquarters of the Shinshu Otani-ha denomination of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. The main temple traces its roots back nearly 750 years. At that time, Shinran Shonin began propagating a form of Buddhism that was accessible to all people, especially those for whom the traditional path of Buddhist monastic life was impossible to follow. Today, Jodo Shinshu is the biggest sect of Buddhism in Japan. About 400 years ago, the Honganji organization split into two separate organizations, which became known as Higashi (East) Honganji and Nishi (West) Honganji.

Today, Higashi Honganji temples are located in Japan, Brazil, Hawaii and in the continental United States. Berkeley is part of the Higashi Honganji North America District, which includes other California temples in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and West Covina. In addition, there are five Higashi Honganji temples in Hawaii.

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